I tell all my clients that we can take beautiful photographs at any location, and that’s certainly true, but a great location can make my job easier and your photos better.  The best locations are spacious, well decorated, free of clutter, and have an abundance of natural light.  For many people, their home is the best option because it has special meaning to them and it’s where they feel most comfortable.  However, there are many fantastic locations around the Dallas area for those who prefer not to have their session at home.

Paris, France Locations

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Dallas/Fort Worth Locations

If you’re feeling particularly brave, outdoor boudoir shoots are a wonderful option.  The abundance of natural light is flattering to all body types, and trees and sunlight can create an extremely romantic, ethereal atmosphere. Without a doubt, my favorite location for boudoir session in DFW is 3825 S. Bowen.  This Arlington studio is a secluded, beautiful piece of land that offers a rustic country feel in the middle of the city.  If you love barns, gardens, outdoor beds, and white picket fences, you’ll adore this venue – and since it is bordered on all sides by thick trees, you can photograph your boudoir session here without worrying about a stranger sneaking a peek.  Session fees average $75/hour.

Hotel Zaza is most of my clients’ top choice for shooting indoor boudoir sessions.  Their Magnificent Seven Suites, with the oversized rooms, full kitchen, and amazing decor are perfectly suited for boudoir parties, and the smaller but equally well appointed Concept Suites and even the standard guest rooms are great for individual sessions.  Unfortunately, the Hotel Zaza is extremely unfriendly towards photographers and photoshoots and will remove you from the property with no refund if you’re found to be doing a session there, so it’s best not to mention your shoot to any hotel staff members.  Suites range from $350-1000.

The Joule Hotel is a new location I have fallen in love with.  Their penthouse, with floor to ceiling windows and impeccable design, is a photographer’s dream.  The Penthouse Suite ranges from $1000-2000 during the low season, and at 2,500 square feet it’s perfect for a large boudoir party.  They also have a smaller Loft Deluxe Suite that would be a great option, as well.

W Hotel is another one of my favorite venues due to their ultra-chic decor and accommodating staff.  The modern vibe and amazing views of downtown are the perfect choice for women who want a sophisticated urban vibe for their images.  My favorites at the W are the Cool Corner RoomWow Suite, and Extreme Wow Suite.  Suites range from $500-$1500.

NYLO has a similar feel as the W Hotel at a much smaller price tag.  Although the rooms are substantially smaller (best for individual sessions only) and don’t offer the same downtown views, the decor is always unique and modern.  For those clients who are feeling a bit bolder, their courtyard, restaurant, and lobby decor are also great to work with, and the staff is extremely friendly toward photographers and photoshoots.  NYLO is located in both Plano and Las Colinas, and suites are generally in the $100-500 range.  I prefer the Skyline Suite, which has a large balcony with a great view of the surrounding areas.

LeMeridien, located near the Dallas Galleria, is another good option at a reasonable price.  Their rooms contain colorful pink and red furniture and trendy modern accents.  The one caveat is that many of the rooms at LeMeridien do not contain windows, and natural light is crucial to my shooting style, so it’s important that you request a room with windows for your shoot.  Rooms range from $200-300.

Although hotels are ideal, there are a few other venues that provide unique backdrops (but not nearly as much privacy).  The Old McKinney Cotton Mill is great for a rustic, abandoned warehouse feel, and Off the Grid has a very urban loft vibe.  Both of these places range from $150-300 for several hours of shooting.