Our Mission

How long has it been since you felt beautiful?  Not just feeling cute, or feeling like your outfit is flattering, or feeling like you’re having a particularly good hair day… I’m talking take-over-the-world, no-man-can-resist-me, missed-my-calling-as-a-supermodel beautiful?  If you’re anything like me, or all the woman I know, then it’s probably been awhile.  Or maybe you’ve never felt truly “beautiful” in your whole life, and you think that those feelings, that experience, is something you’re just not meant to have.

I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong, and you’re not alone.

Making women look and feel beautiful is my mission, and it’s something I am incredibly passionate about.  As a woman who has struggled with weight, beauty, and insecurity my whole life, I know how crippling it can be, and how liberating and life-changing it can be when you rise above it.  I see it happen every time I pull out my camera.

Every women steps in front of me and immediately starts making excuses for themselves.  “I have a weird smile.” “I can’t pull off looking sexy.”  “I just don’t photograph well.”  And I know how they feel – believe me, I’ve been there.  So I smile, and I laugh, and I keep shooting anyway.  And every single time, without fail, I watch as a change slowly starts to occur.  Their smiles go from forced to genuine.  They play with their hair, they start swaying their hips and arching their back, and their eyes fill with a fierceness and confidence that they swore to me 10 minutes earlier they were incapable of.  No matter how sure they were they they didn’t have it in them to be beautiful, now they are living proof that they do.  They look stunning, and more importantly, they feel it.  That is the greatest feeling in the world, for them and for me, and I believe every woman deserves that experience.

Simply put, my goal is to give women of all ages, sizes, and colors a chance to embrace your inner supermodel and remind yourselves how beautiful you truly are. I want you to take a day off from your usual obligations and spend a day getting pampered, primped, and photographed. I want you to share the experience with the women you love most – mothers, daughters, sisters, friends – and I want each and every one of you to leave with a renewed confidence and appreciation for yourselves.  I want you to stop making excuses.  You don’t need to lose a few pounds first.  You don’t need to grow your hair out.   You don’t need to tone up those problem areas.  You are good enough, RIGHT NOW, exactly as you are.  You’ve given so much to so many people.  Now it’s time to give something to yourself.