Preparing For Your Session

The best option to make yourself look your best is, of course, to hire a professional.  Hair and makeup artists have far more tools and the education to use those tools, and they experience working with photographers so they know what looks best (and worst) in photos. There are several hair and makeup artists that I would be happy to recommend to you, if you’re interested in that option.

Hair should be down, loose, and not overly loaded with hairspray.  There’s nothing sexier than long hair, so let it flow! Pigtails and loose braids can be good variations, but in general your hair should be free-flowing.  Clip-in extensions, hairpieces, and even wigs can be a great way to glam up your hairstyle.

Makeup should fit the “tone” of your outfit – softer and more natural for casual attire, dark and dramatic for sexier looks.  Don’t listen to anyone that tells you that your makeup should be extra heavy for photos – the way your makeup looks in person is exactly how it will photograph.  Lipgloss and fake eyelashes are encouraged!

Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure, but avoid facials or waxing for 1-2 days before your session as they can cause redness or blotchiness.  If you can, get in a short workout the morning of your shoot day, including some time in the weightroom.  Not only will this make you feel better and give you more energy and endorphins, lifting weights will help to temporarily firm up your arms and legs and give you the strength you need to hold your poses.  For some people it helps to bring a little white wine or champagne to their session to help them loosen up and relax.  However, avoid red wines or anything that will stain your lips, and don’t overdo the alcohol – Photoshop can’t fix droopy eyelids and bloodshot eyes!

DO invest in at least one cute pair of underwear or a bra/panty set that makes you feel super sexy and fits you perfectly.

DON’T wear anything that is too small and digs into your skin or creates the dreaded “muffin top.”

DO consider accessories from your man – ties, hats, scarves, sports paraphernalia, etc – to personalize your images.

DON’T bring more than one piece, at most, of oversized clothing (jerseys, sweaters, men’s button up shirts, etc).  Although they seem cute, they make it difficult to show off your beautiful body, which is the whole point of the session!

DO consider normal clothing if you’re nervous about being too revealing, such as jeans, cardigans, wifebeaters, a fitted button up shirt, a pencil skirt, or a fitted v-neck t-shirt.  Many of these items can be paired with cute undergarments to make a very sexy (but less skimpy) outfit.

DO remember that sometimes no outfit can be the best outfit.  Some of my favorite images were photos taken when the subject wasn’t wearing anything clothing-related, and simply covered up with a white sheet, towel, pillow, or a prop.  Remember, there will never be any nudity in your images, so even if you’re clothes-free we will make sure all the important bits are covered up somehow.

DON’T feel like you have to drop a ton of money on new items for your shoot.  Although it can be nice to have one really elaborate piece of lingerie, we can create stunning images with the items you already have in your closet.

DO load up on accessories.  Pearls, long necklaces, gaudy costume jewelry, hats, fishnets or sheer black hose, scarves, and most importantly – cute shoes!!   High heels are a must, and a great pair of cowboy boots or tall black leather boots paired with a cute pair of panties can be an outfit all on their own.

DON’T be afraid to bring too much.  If you think it might be useful or cute, bring it along!  When you arrive for your session I will go through your items and help you to style the best options.  It’s better to have too many choices than too few.

If you have any other questions about what to bring or how to prepare for your session, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help!