Stacy Reeves

I began my career as a press photographer, where my main duty was to take “features,” images not tied to an article that tell a story on their own.  I would spend hours aimlessly combing cities or campuses, looking for something unexpected and photo-worthy that would provoke discussion and emotion from newspaper readers.  This job quickly did away with any shyness I might have had and gave me no choice but to learn to make fast friends with strangers, gain their trust, and allow me to tell their story through my images.

Later, my career shifted towards sports photography.  What shooting sports taught me was to shoot with both eyes open, both literally and figuratively.  Normally the action often follows the ball, but some of the greatest moments can actually come from the sidelines or even the stands.  Shooting sports taught me to expand my field of view, to look past the superficial story and find the value in the less obvious.

As many photographers do, eventually I decided to try my hand at weddings, and there I discovered a passion I didn’t know I had.  I love everything about weddings – the lacy dresses and sparkling diamond rings, the romantic glow of a couple in love, the bond between the couple and their families, the sweet emotion of the first look and the toasts, the fun of a dance party with all your closest friends.  Photographing weddings taught me so many things, from “never judge a book by its cover” to “never get in the way of a single bridesmaid during a bouquet toss,” but what I think affected me most is the power of a woman who feels beautiful and loved.  The feeling of watching my brides float through their day with a huge grin on their face, surrounded by all their favorite people, feeling more lovely than they have ever felt, and basking in the glow of a man who loves the enough to spend eternity together – that is a powerful, moving thing.

As my wedding business grew, I was surprised to hear from many of my brides that they wanted to do boudoir photos, but they couldn’t find an option that was sexy but also tasteful and classy.  I opened my boudoir studio to try and provide an option for women who wanted to feel beautiful and sexy, but not at the expense of her dignity.  Being a boudoir photographer taught me that there’s nothing sexier in a woman than confidence (and perhaps just a little bit of mystery).  Certainly good makeup, nice light, and a flattering pose can do wonders, but I know that making my ladies feel confident and secure in themselves as well as me is always the dealbreaker.

Every step of my journey as a photographer has changed me in some way and taught me something about the human soul that I didn’t know before.  Over time, I have learned that my greatest passion lies in making women feel good about themselves, and I’m so excited to be able to use my photography as a way to do that.

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and graduated from Texas A&M University in 2006.  Shortly after graduation, I met the man of my dreams, a Louisiana cajun named Jason with a love of music, art, and travel.  He is the love of my life and our biggest priority together is to constantly try new things, see new places, and enjoy new experiences together.  We married in 2011 and bought our first home in Dallas, TX  where we lived with our boxer Sallie and our cat Vladimir.  In December 2012 we embarked on our next great adventure and sold everything we owned.  With nothing but our pets and two suitcases, we moved across the world to Paris, France.  It has always been our dream to live abroad and see the world, and we feel so blessed and excited to be living that dream.  We regularly travel back home to Texas and Louisiana to visit family, as well as throughout the States and Europe.